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learn hard things at turbo speed

Welcome to Turbo Tutorials, created and maintained by Tim Benniks for the developer community. Here you’ll find short tutorials on the most common aspects of modern JavaScript and its meta frameworks. Feel free to browse around. This site personalizes content according to your interests and preferences based on your browsing behavior.

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Since we don't know much about you, let's kick things off with some Nuxt 3 Turbos.

Nuxt calls itself "The Hybrid Framework.” As a start, build your next application with Vue 3 to take advantage of the features of hybrid rendering, powerful data fetching, and so forth. 

Nuxt 3 is an open-source framework that renders web development simple and powerful. For details, see the Nuxt 3 Getting Started Guide.

Turbos for you

Turbo Learning

Watch less and code more

Even though most tutorials on this site are only five or fewer minutes long, they explain a complex topic clearly with adequate details. After watching a turbo tutorial, you’ll know the basics and can start coding immediately.

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Tags and complexity ratings categorize the tutorials. Based on what you watch, the site personalizes just for you. The more you browse, the more precisely the site will serve content that's just right for you. And, the more content is added to the platform, the better everything works. You can always reset your profile.

This site was built with Nuxt 3 in hybrid mode on the Netlify Edge. Uniform facilitates the personalization and page-composition processes, and the content is stored in Contentful, Prismic, and YouTube. Want more specifics? Let Tim Benniks know.

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This website is created and maintained by Tim Benniks. It will always be free and it uses the Pay What You Want model.

Tim Benniks built and maintained this free site based on the Pay What You Want (PWYW) model. If the content is of help to you, please donate by buying Tim a few coffees at: Buy Me A Coffee

Tim at JSWorld 2022

Tim at JSWorld 2022